Cabernet Franc

2019 Land of Saints Cabernet Franc, Santa Barbara County, CA


Land of Saints is a collaboration between Angela and Jason Osborne (A Tribute to Grace Wine Company), and Manuel Cuevas (C2 Cellars). The name comes from Jason’s roots in Cornwall (also known as the Land of Saints) but is also a play on California’s many Saintly cities (Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, etc.).

2018 Le Grand Bouqueteau Chinon


The Chinon terroir in all its Rabelaisian glory! This wine is the fruit of 34 acres of land from the finest terroir in the Chinon, it showcases the perfect mastery of yield to deliver a concentrated and aromatic wine.

With its blackcurrant to deep ruby color, the wine’s tannins are subtle and round, slightly woody, and it is perfect to accompany red meat, local dishes and stews.

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