Abbott & Wallace Distilling Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Batch 1)


From our friends at Longtucky Spirits, this is their first bourbon distilled and aged entirely in house.

James E. Pepper ‘1776’ 100 Proof Rye Whiskey


The Pepper family brand of whiskey is an iconic Kentucky whiskey brand initially produced during the American Revolution and continued through 1958. The family built and operated two main distilleries: first founding the site that today hosts the Woodford Reserve Distillery, and later the James E. Pepper Distillery in Lexington.

Fords Gin, London

Fords Gin, London

Simon Ford and Master Distiller Charles Maxwell worked arduously for over two years to find the perfect balance of botanicals & oil content that would allow Fords Gin to shine in any cocktail and become the go-to gin for all bartenders.

Jean-Marc Roulot ‘L’Abricot’ Apricot Liqueur, Burgundy

Jean-Marc Roulot ‘L’Abricot’ Apricot Liqueur, Burgundy

The Roulot estate is one of the most important and historic domaines in the world of wine. Lesser known is their deep passion for distilled spirits of which they have been producers for over 100 years. The exceptional Bergeron apricots exclusively used for this mind-blowing liqueur are grown for Roulot by another of the world's greatest, historic winemakers, Jean Louis Chave.

Longtucky Canned Cocktails, Longmont

Longtucky Canned Cocktails, Longmont

Check out these new ready to drink cocktails from Longtucky Distillery in the historic downtown Longmont.  They are offering three delicious cocktails in 12 oz. cans that are portable and ready to go.  These were just released and we have all three flavors for you to try.  The Caribbean Queen and Gina Tonic are both $3.99 per can, and the Julep is $5.99.  The weather is perfect for enjoying canned cocktails on your back porch, even in a quarantine!

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