Our Philosophy

Not so very long ago, there was more to being a wine merchant than simply offering wine for sale. A wine merchant was, in the truest sense of the word, a professional. In other countries, such as England, the wine trade is ranked along with medicine and law as an honorable profession. It is unfortunate that in the United States, the prevailing opinion has been that if one could sell any commodity, be it shoes or whisky, that ipso facto one could be a wine merchant. The result has been the proliferation of a large number of half-baked "experts" and "consultants" whose knowledge of the intricacies of wine is marginal at best, whose commitment to their products ends at the pay check, and who have profited from consumer newness to wine. One need not look far to find uninformed, mass market techniques in the wine trade. Large volume, limited choice, and unfamiliarity with the product are the regrettable hallmarks of many who sell wine.

We of The Boulder Wine Merchant respectfully refuse to subscribe to the foregoing tactics, and offer you what we see as a giant step backwards -- back to the knowledge, dedication, and involvement of a truly professional wine merchant.

Our philosophy of being The Boulder Wine Merchant is simple, clear, and honest. It involves selling only good, carefully-selected wines at fair prices, based on intensive and ongoing study. It means offering the benefit of our professional commitment to you in both products and service. It means that, in our own small way, we are trying to restore an image of professionalism to the wine trade in the United States, and prove that quality is not necessarily expensive or impossible to attain. We would like you to view our service as a useful adjunct to your daily enjoyment of food and wine, just as a doctor is a useful adjunct to healthful living.

We feel sure that once you have experienced the services of a true wine merchant, you will return again and again. We of The Boulder Wine Merchant will appreciate the opportunity to be that kind of professional for you in the years to come.