Paige Bodine

Favorite Grape: 
Just one? Really? I'd imagine my scattered palate could (probably would) be swayed convincingly to cast a vote in favor of Merlot had we just enjoyed a glass (or magnum) of 2001 Ornellaia " Massetto" together. However, being that I'm all too often deprived of that particular seductive influence, the varietal that, for me, singularly transcends all it's peers is Nebbiolo. In an elegantly powerful and refined way, she grabs hold of your soul (and occasionally your 401k) in a most lusty way and leaves you spellbound by her charms. Bravissimo!
Favorite Pairing: 
. At dinner recently, I was reminded just how much I fancy various potato dishes (including fries, of course) coupled with young, expansive, mineral laden white Burgundy. In a word, sublime.
Favorite Region: 
La dolce vita, baby. Italy, take me, I'm yours.
Wine Epiphany: 
Through a series of surprisingly high profile Bordeaux/Cali Cabernet tastings with friends, my moments of blissed out Zen were delivered by a righteous amalgam of currant, cassis, cedar, toast, tobacco, graphite, spice, cherry, berry, iron rich earth/Rutherford dust, etc., etc..
I'd Like to Know More About: 
I'm fortunate in that I count many of my friends and co-workers to be among the very best and most thorough teachers in the business. As part of my growing appreciation of German Riesling, I'll continue to welcome their frequent tutorials on the subject in hopes of elevating my somewhat lacking Deutschland knowledge base.